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Custom Built Advantages


Each step of the building process is quality controlled and follows detailed procedures. This means our homes will have over 400 quality control checks from start to finish. We stand behind our product and process for your peace of mind. 

  • Service team inspections on request with a comprehensive inspection after 1 year.
  • A 7-year Tarion-backed structural warranty
  • A 5-year no-leak foundation warranty.
  • Full manufacturer’s warranty on fixtures, fittings and materials where applicable



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·   Detailed discussion of plan layout with sketches and designs as visualized by customer. In cases where there is no visualization, we offer alternatives plans in the form of images and photographs for customer's liking and subsequently develop the layout in consultation with the customer.

·    Offer services of highly-skilled architects and designers to work upon the visualized customized home build.

·    Provide superior quality homes encapsulated with stunning visual effects, sound plumbing system, solid construction, and yet retain the warmth of a cozy home.

·    Being eco-friendly compliant, we suggest various options for inclusion of eco-friendly measures and systems in the house project to our customers.

·    Being custom made, we take extra care to ensure high quality in our building materials, components and accessories again, after due consultation with the customer. Range of work includes construction of exteriors, interiors, color schemes, home fixtures, electrification, plumbing, painting, accessories, and many more breathtakingly unique homebuilding tasks.




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